Margalla Road or Margalla Avenue

In the Margalla Hills neighborhood in the suburbs of Islamabad, the Margalla Avenue or Margalla Expressway, also known as Margalla Road, is a planned 9-kilometer motorway. It is an extension of the current Khayaban-e-Iqbal, which runs from southeast Islamabad’s 4th Avenue (Nur Pur Shahan) to the E11) Golra areas. The motorway is a replacement for Kashmir Highway and would make it simple for residents of Islamabad’s tenth and eleventh sectors to access the N-5 National Highway.

Imran Khan, the Pakistani prime minister, lay the project’s foundation stone on March 20, 2022. During the project’s foundation-laying event, Sardar Usman Buzdar, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, the Federal Interior Minister, and other notables were also present.

During the Pervez Musharraf administration, the project was conceived in 2006 as a replacement for the Kashmir Highway and the upcoming new Islamabad Airport. The project was left unfinished until Yousaf Raza Gillani’s administration when the new Islamabad International Airport gave it newfound significance. Final construction on the project began in 2012 for Rs. 744 million, with a completion target of June 2013.

The Capital Development Authority (Islamabad) (CDA) was unable to get the necessary land for the project for several reasons, including the appearance of a century-old graveyard in Shah Allah Ditta hamlet and subsequent opposition from the villagers. As a result, the project was put on hold. A different plan to reroute the road from Shah Allah Dita’s southern to its northern portion was announced by CDA in 2014. According to reports, 40% of the work was finished by 2014.

However, because the villagers’ residents refused to leave the area, the 2.4 Km patch that went through the Shah Allah Dita graveyard hung in the balance. Due to disagreements between the contractor and CDA, only 51% of the project had been finished as of 2019.

The contractor argued that CDA was responsible for clearing the area, but CDA insisted the contract had already been terminated for technical reasons. The Islamabad Highcourt overturned the court’s decision to punish CDA Rs. 170 million and find in favor of the contractor.

To resolve the lingering issues with the contractor outside of court and find a workable solution to continue the project, CDA established a committee in January 2020. On April 19, 2021, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan performs the project’s groundbreaking.

Work update on Margalla road is in the completion phases:

The remaining work on the multi-billion dollar ongoing road projects will be finished in the upcoming months after over 70% of the work has been finished.

The civic agency’s status report emphasized the ongoing construction on the Rawal Interchange, Margalla Highway, and IJP Road and noted that these projects are rapidly approaching completion.

In terms of traffic management strategies, the study noted that the Rawal Flyover, Rawal Road Work, and Rawal Underpass have all been finished and are now open to regular traffic.

It stated that “80% of the work on Rawal Road work has been completed, while 20% and 18% of the work on Margalla Underpass and Margalla Road Work, respectively, has been completed.”

The report also emphasized the ongoing Margalla Highway project’s progress, noting that the work on the Railway Bridge has been finished and that the final 20% of Earth Work would be finished in the coming days. Similar to how only 10% of the work on culverts has to be done, 81% of road work (including asphalt) has been finished.

On drains and curb stones, respectively, 65 and 55 percent of the work has been finished. Electrical work and lighting are still in the planning stages as well as the Shah Allah Ditta Underpass project.

According to the report, the current IJP Road project’s ongoing bridge work has been completed to an approximate 90% level. The construction of flyovers, culverts, and roads has been finished to varying degrees: 65, 70, and 60 percent, respectively.

An official reported that the ongoing road projects’ status report indicated that construction is moving along more quickly and that the projects would be finished within the allotted time limit.

The Prime Minister Secretariat, which monitors the progress of development initiatives, also receives progress reports, he added.

Advantages of Margalla Road to the Real Estate Sector:

In a city like Islamabad, where the population is growing at a rate of 7-8% yearly, road connectivity becomes essential for resolving problems, saving money, and fostering efficiency. Infrastructure initiatives serve as steroid injections for the economy that is battling to recover from the recent recession, together with several minor enterprises that are related to the development sector.

People in the general public who have been holding back, waiting for the appropriate time, keeping cash deposits fixed away from circulation, not letting it out to smell the air, fearing it may taste earth instead, should be inspired by watching government decision-makers interact with real estate actors. The Minister of Planning outlined the government’s commitment to market stability and security as follows:

 To expedite the process of infrastructure-strengthening measures, we have to alter the law to let government agencies negotiate. – Although Margalla Avenue has been planned for decades, Mr. Asad Umar, the announcement and the accompanying construction activities are encouraging investors and property buyers to invest in the areas nearby, particularly the sectors E12, C14, C15, C16, B17, and Faisal Hills.

To encourage expansion, the government is eager to promote the livability of the capital city and its favorable climate. To preserve Islamabad’s natural environment, it is also working to reduce the environmental impact of construction projects. Seeing immediate stimulus patterns from the public policy process is quite enjoyable for energized investors. Due to this, the construction since last year, vouchsafed plots have increased and real estate market activity has doubled.

Margalla Road or Margalla Avenue is Likely to Open up in Jan 2023.

According to the Dawn news, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is going to inaugurate Margalla Road in Jan 2023 as the road is almost completed.

 According to sources in the Capital Development Authority (CDA), a major road construction project is expected to be completed in Jan 2023. The project, which spans 10.4 kilometers from GT Road to D-12 and has a cost of Rs2 billion, was initially supposed to be finished in June of last year. However, due to the expansion of the scope of work from two to three lanes on each side, the deadline was extended until December 30. Despite a proposal to extend the deadline by three more months, the CDA management has requested that the project be finished within one month.

The CDA chairman retired Capt Mohammad Usman, recently posted a video on social media showing the newly-constructed road and stated that it will be a “gift” for the people of Islamabad and those visiting the city. Once completed, the road will be a direct link for traffic to and from GT Road via Margalla Avenue, and is expected to reduce traffic load on Srinagar Highway.

According to an official from the CDA, more than 90% of the work has been completed and the remaining minor work is currently being carried out. The process of laying asphalt is also underway and will be completed within the next week. The civic agency is reportedly making all-out efforts to complete the project by the end of this month.

In addition to this project, the CDA has started the construction of a 5.5-kilometer road from D-12 to Khayaban-i-Iqbal, which will link Margalla Avenue with other roads in the city. The project, which has a cost of around Rs3.9 billion and includes five culverts and an interchange in E-11, is expected to be completed in six months. This project was awarded to National Logistics Cell (NLC) under section 42(F) of Public Procurement Authority (PPRA) rules, which only invites tenders from government firms.

The portion of Margalla Road under the said contract starts from Grand Trunk Road and ends in D-12. After the construction of an interchange and a small portion of 11th Avenue, it will be linked with Khayaban-i-Iqbal. Once completed, this road will provide a direct link between Margalla Avenue and other parts of the city.

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