Investment Guide and Opportunity to overseas Pakistanis in 2023

Investment Guide and Opportunity to overseas Pakistanis in 2023


Now is the ideal time for any overseas Pakistani living abroad to enter the real estate market in Pakistan! The government is making it easier for overseas Pakistanis living abroad to invest in real estate, helping the market’s growth. Additionally, everything is open to the public due to technological advancements, particularly the escalating use of social media in our daily lives. This implies that prospective international purchasers can research every aspect of real estate investment in Pakistan without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. You can explore the place you have your eye on through YouTube videos, Facebook evaluations, and a collection of online images. Before selecting the property, you wish to invest in, though, do your research. It’s a job that calls for in-depth analysis, a sharp intellect, solid analytical abilities, and a third eye that can spot any dishonest behavior. Here are some ideas to think about in this regard:

Investment tips for overseas Pakistanis:

Let’s first go over some fundamental investing advice for Pakistanis living abroad.

Investment in this project is safe?

When considering buying real estate, the first concern is if it is secure to invest in a home project. It is guaranteed to be a safe investment opportunity if it is managed by municipal authorities like the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and Lahore Development Authority (LDA), or by a regulated administration body like the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) or the Pakistan Armed Forces (PAF). Check to see whether the government has authorized the residential development plan as well. For prospective purchasers, the mere fact that a project is still pending official permission ought to be cause for concern. Lack of permission almost often indicates that the housing program has been abandoned by the government. Therefore, investing solely in reputable, authorized enterprises is your best chance.

Check the builder’s track record.

If the developer or builder is a well-known name in the real estate sector with a track record of successful home developments, you may trust them blindly. The Valencia developers have completed sizable residential projects. The many housing options they provide may be invested in. A reliable developer will often provide an estimated completion date. Depending on how swiftly and effectively they are working on an ongoing project, you may decide whether or not they will produce on time. The general guideline is to base your selection on what you see rather than “what they claim to give” when picking a home, whether it be for purchase or even for rental. Query these things: Is there access to water, gas, and electricity? How reliable are the roads and drainage systems, for example? How do individuals go to work? The security system is it current? Is there no load shedding allowed here?

Avoid deceptive activities and scams.

Engage a legal agency to do the background checks on your behalf. Look into every piece of information you can about a real estate developer. Here is a list of things to think about when purchasing property: approved building and layout designs

Credible projects have a plan or design that may be examined by prospective consumers. All of these floor layouts need to have the appropriate government authorities’ approval.

  • A history of who has owned a property

You must insist on documentation showing the developer’s previous ownership of the property they are selling. Real developers will have formal records of both their ongoing and completed projects.

  • Possession of the property should be specified by the property seller in writing.

For all types of purchasers, investing in real estate is a significant choice. Since it costs a lot of money, you should be careful to seek and confirm formal documentation that show the seller really is the rightful owner of the property being sold.

  • The property’s outstanding debts have all been paid.

Avoid purchasing anything when other obligations, such as utility payments and property taxes, are still owing. It is preferable to avoid dealing with a vendor if they are ready to place this financial load on you.

  • Request the registry’s original copy.

Even though we’ve just spoken about how important documentation is, this section deserves extra attention. Always ask for the title paperwork or the letter of allocation. Do duplicates. In fact, it’s a good idea to scan and preserve all such papers right away.

Important legal guidelines for overseas Pakistanis.

Pakistanis living abroad may now invest in real estate pretty easily. OPF has offered comprehensive financial and legal guidelines for Pakistani nationals living abroad who want to make investments there.

  • Always use legal methods if doing any financial transactions with business partners.
  • Before making an investment in a new company, double-check all required documentation. It is ideal to go to the genuine website before making an investment.
  • Create a formal agreement outlining the obligations of all investors, business partners, and shareholders. All parties involved must properly sign this partnership agreement.
  • The next step is to register it with the government’s business regulatory agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan or the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) (SECP)
  • Never grant anybody general power of attorney. Only designate a Special Power of Attorney with a particular purpose if it is really essential. Be mindful that the person holding the general power of attorney has full legal authority, including the authority to sell property without the owner’s knowledge.
  • Never put your signature on any blank document.
  • Never lend someone a copy of your national identification card (CNIC or NICOP) or any other crucial form of identification. Anytime it’s required, mark it with a cross and the goal will be written there.

Best investment opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis in Islamabad by Valencia Developers:

One of the top brokers and developers in the nation is Valencia Developers a luxury property developer with upscale buildings in Islamabad and all over Pakistan. The main cities of Pakistan are home to several gorgeous and opulent Valencia Developers projects that have been constructed.

However, today in this blog we’re going to talk about the best, most secure, and most profitable investment options for overseas Pakistanis and international investors to invest in some of the high-end projects that are now being built or just launched in various locations around Pakistan.

Pakistanis living overseas have a constant desire to at least own a house in their motherland so that they would always have a magnificent, enticing place to reside when they visit.

As a result, Valencia Developers creates fantastic chances for Pakistanis living overseas to invest in the most lucrative projects, either to purchase their dream house or to participate in a more lucrative residential or commercial development for a larger return on their investment.

You may be wondering, therefore, why Valencia Developers? Let us inform you that Valencia Developers is now one of Pakistan’s top real estate developers, bringing a number of high-end luxury projects with top-notch facilities while adhering to all international standards.

Projects by Valencia developers for overseas Pakistanis:

Valencia Heights

Valencia Developers provides you the full family well designed or well-planned high-rise residential overseas-oriented living in the prime location of FMC, B-17, Islamabad.

The project “Valencia heights” is located on the main boulevard road of FMC b-17 Islamabad. Valencia heights contain studio, single, double, and triple-bed apartments and penthouses on the top with panoramic views and is equipped with modern and world-class smart facilities. Valencia Heights is a 16-floor building project built on 11 Kanal land. Valencia Heights contains 3 towers and those towers cover beautiful viewpoints from all 4 sides like margallah hills, the motorway, Islamabad, and Murree view.

Different sizes of the studio, single, double, and triple bedroom apartments, and penthouses in SQ feet are available with all basic and smart amenities under one roof. You can get your dream home with a 20% down payment and 4 years of easy installment plans.

Hills Avenue:

Hills Avenue is a commercial as well as a residential project by Valencia developers located on the Plot # 133 , Main Boulevard , Sector A, Faisal Margalla City ,( Adjacent to B-17 Multi Gardens) , Islamabad. Hills Avenue covers 1.5 kanals construction area and it’s a 7 stories building.

On the Lower, Ground and first floor it contains commercial shops and on the upper floors it contains residential apartments.

For further details about any of Valencia developers project feel free to contact our investment consultants on the numbers given below:
03 111 7777 19








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